Welcome In

"I believe in a world where women are empowered, self-reliant and protected in a future they've built for themselves."

- Kalin Kelly, CEO of Art + Armor, Co.

Art + Armor, Co. is the first ever jewelry line designed exclusively to empower the wearer in the present and fund the future generation of resilient female CEO's by investing 11% profit into early stage seed investments*.

To feel empowered, secure, when forced into pressured situations we use what we have, our knowledge, tools, and even what we have on.


2.2% of $130 billion in Venture Capital invested in female-led startups last year. Currently, less than 10% of deal-makers at VC Funds are women.

Today Art + Armor, Co. is funding a Purchase Power future. For every piece of jewelry purchased, 11% of Net Proceeds invest into an early-stage seed fund for female CEO's. 


Each year we will honor a 1:1 {woman to: woman} pledge to donate 1% of all net profits to Lyon-Martin Health Services to support the at-risk women living on the streets of San Francisco.

Thank you for being here, for investing in an empowered future to embolden whomever you, your wife, your girlfriend, your niece, your daughter, your sister, your mother, wishes to be, in a braver world. 

Our Belief: #WearItOwnIt

The only way to predict your future - is to create it.