Earnings, a podcast designed by Kalin Kelly CEO + Founder of`Art and Armor, Co. and sponsored by Silicon Valley Bank. Earnings is the first-ever podcast dedicated to highlighting the rare female voices in Venture Capital, driving positive returns and positive change to create more equality at the investment table.

Episode 1

Our first episode of Earnings features Rashmi Gopinath, Managing Director of M12, the investment arm of Microsoft, formerly Microsoft Ventures. Rashmi leads investments in enterprise software, cloud infrastructure, cybersecurity, devops, and AI/ML for M12 in the US, Canada, and India.

Rashmi has been recognized by Forbes as a female VC leader, received multiple awards as a business role model of the year for two consecutive years and has led an impressive 21 investments with 10 exits, including IPOs as well as acquisitions.



Episode 2

Our second episode of Earnings features Jun Axup, Scientific Director and Partner of IndieBio, of SOSV, the world’s leading seed-stage life science accelerator. 

Jun is a PHD turned VC, with over 116 biotech companies funded in her career in venture capital after she co-founded two companies herself in the fields of precision medicine and biotech education. 


Episode 3


Our third episode of Earnings features Shruti Gandhi, Founder and Managing Partner at Array Ventures. 

Shruti is a rare female engineer who became a founder turned investor with both a masters in computer science and an impressive MBA. Today, she's a solo female General Partner at Array Ventures, having raised $40M herself in capital under management. 


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